Castodia 2.0 - Teams, Shared Queries, and Usage Pricing

Admin App

Manage everything in one place, from adding teammates to editing your queries and schedules, or just updating your plan and billing information.

Team Features

Multiple workspaces

You can create your own workspace and invite members to collaborate, or you can join your teammate’s existing workspace.

Multiple roles

You can assign specific roles to each member in your team, so they can help manage queries, schedules, add other members to your workspace, or just take care of billing. Owners, Admins, and Members have different level of access for increased convenience and control.

Shared Database Access

As the workspace owner, once you add a database, everyone in your workspace will be able to query this database, but your database credentials will never be shared. This means that database credentials need to be added only once and team members can securely query it and schedule runs.

Shared Queries

Queries created by any member are shared with everyone in your workspace, so you can run them on your own sheet and create your own schedules with it. You will no longer need to transfer queries when teammates leave or recreate queries when new teammates join.

Billing and Usage

Billing by workspace

Instead of billing each member in your workspace, workspace owners will receive a single invoice at the end of each cycle summing up the total usage for the entire workspace, which is calculated by adding up the usage from every member in your workspace. This simplifies billing and allows owners to bring in as many members as needed, all without account or password sharing.

Usage-based pricing

All of our plans have a set amount of runs included. If you exceed this limit, you can continue using the product and any additional usage will be added to your next bill. You no longer need to worry about your runs stopping because your plan ran out of auto-refresh allocations. Our usage-based pricing has a very low cost per auto-refresh so slightly exceeding your plan will only require incur in a small additional fee at the end of the month

Redesigned UX

Scheduling control

You can now easily see all schedules in one place. You can turn them on or off as needed via a simple switch. We added more details about each schedule so you can know exactly what's happening.

Improved UI

We're moving to a much more responsive and fast UI framework. Transitions are smooth, faster, and designs are more intuitive

Better SQL text editor

We've added a SQL editor so that your code has a better format. This helps you more easily review your SQL before running queries.

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Jimmy E. Chan
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