100 business reports you can generate from your Snowflake data to Google Sheets

Business stakeholders need data from your Snowflake data warehouses to make informed decisions. As a Snowflake admin or a data manager in your organization, you must ensure that timely data is available to them. However, instead due to security reasons, you’d prefer compartmentalizing access of your warehouse from business users, while not blocking data access when required. Castodia has solved this problem by letting Snowflake admins save pre-specified SQL queries that pull in specific data needed by business stakeholders whenever they run. It also allows scheduling the runs, so data is not only refreshed automatically, but also makes it unnecessary to manually repeat the process each time users need data.

Here are 100 business reports that you can automate by saving SQL queries on Castodia. These examples illustrate how automated data extraction from Snowflake to Google Sheets can cater to diverse business requirements across industries. By eliminating the need for manual data extraction, it enhances data accuracy, efficiency, and timeliness, making it a vital tool for any company-driven by data.

1. Daily Sales Record Sharing in a Retail Business
A store manager might want to view the previous day’s sales records every morning. We can create a view in Snowflake to provide the required data.

SELECT DATE_TRUNC('DAY', sales_date) as sales_day, SUM(sales_amount) as total_sales
FROM retail_data.sales
GROUP BY DATE_TRUNC('DAY', sales_date)

2. Automated Monthly Revenue Report for a SaaS company

Next, let's consider a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, where the sales team may want an automatic monthly revenue report.

SELECT DATE_TRUNC('MONTH', billing_date) as billing_month, product_id, SUM(billed_amount) as total_revenue
FROM saas_data.billing
GROUP BY DATE_TRUNC(‘MONTH’, billing_date), product_id

3. Real-time Customer Data from a Telecom

A telecom company may wish to have real-time data related to its customer's usage. The following query can be used:

SELECT usage_date, customer_id, SUM(data_used) as total_usage
FROM telecom_data.usage

4. Insurance Claims Handling for an Insurance Company

Managing insurance claims can be challenging for an insurance company. Real-time data of claims can be very helpful for the claims handlers. Here's a query that can help:

SELECT claim_id,claim_date,claim_status,claim_amount
FROM insurance_data.claims

5. Product Inventory for an E-commerce Company

An e-commerce company needs to constantly monitor its product inventory. The following SQL query can be set to run every hour:

SELECT product_id,product_name,quantity_in_stock
FROM ecommerce_data.inventory

6. Hotel Room Occupancy for Hospitality Business
For a hotel, keeping an eye on room occupancy status on a real-time basis is critical. Here's an example of a SQL query:

SELECT room_no,guest_name,check_in_date,check_out_date
FROM hotel_data.room_status
WHERE check_out_date > CURRENT_DATE

7. Attendance Log for an Educational Institute

An educational institute that needs to monitor the attendance of its students can use a query like this:

SELECT student_id,DATE_TRUNC('DAY', log_time) as log_day,status
FROM attendance_data.logs

8. Incident Log for a Security Company

A security company may need real-time incident logs. The following query can fetch this data:

SELECT incident_id,incident_time,incident_type
FROM security_data.incidents
WHERE DATE(incident_time) = CURRENT_DATE

9. Ticket Sales for a Theater
A theater needs to control ticket sales throughout the day and can use a query like:

SELECT show_time,total_tickets,tickets_sold
FROM theater_data.shows

10. Membership Updates for a Fitness Club
A fitness club might want to track membership updates on a daily basis. Here, a query like the following can be used:

SELECT member_id,registration_date,membership_type
FROM fitness_club.memberships
WHERE DATE(registration_date) = CURRENT_DATE

11. Prescriptions Data for a Pharmacy
A pharmacy might want real-time access to new prescriptions data:

SELECT prescription_ID,patient_ID,medicine_name,prescriber_ID
FROM healthcare_data.prescriptions
WHERE DATE(prescriptions_date) = CURRENT_DATE

12. Account Transactions for a Bank

A bank needs to monitor account transactions for various purposes, such as fraud detection. Here’s a query to fetch recent transactions

SELECT account_id,transaction_time,transaction_amount
FROM bank_data.transactions
WHERE DATE(transaction_time) = CURRENT_DATE

13. Food Safety Inspections for City Health Department

A city health department might want to monitor the outcomes of food safety inspections:

SELECT inspection_id,restaurant_name,inspection_result
FROM health_dept.inspections
WHERE DATE(inspection_date) = CURRENT_DATE

14. Patient Records for a Hospital

Hospitals need to maintain up-to-date patient records. The query could look something like:

SELECT patient_id,admission_date,discharge_date,diagnosis
FROM hospital_data.patient_records
WHERE DATE(discharge_date) = CURRENT_DATE

15. Order Fulfillment for a Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing companies often need to track order fulfillment. The following query could help:

SELECT order_id,product_id,quantity,statu
FROM manufacturing_data.order_fulfillment

16. Event Attendance for an Event Management Company

Event Management companies need to track event attendance. They could use this query:

SELECT event_id,event_date,number_of_attendees
FROM event_mgmt.attendance

17. Loan Account Details for a Microfinance Institution

Microfinance Institutions often need real-time loan information. They could use this query:

SELECT loan_id,loan_amount,repayment_status
FROM microfinance.loan_account

18. Stock Market Data for a Financial Services Firm

Financial Services Firms often track stocks and other securities in real-time. They might find this query useful:

SELECT stock_id,current_price,volume
FROM finance.stocks

19. Crime Reports for a Police Department

Police Departments need to keep track of crime reports. They could use this query:

SELECT crime_id,incident_location,crime_type
FROM police_dept.crime_reports
WHERE DATE(incident_date) = CURRENT_DATE

20. Food Supply for a Catering Service

A catering service has to keep track of their food supplies. They could use a query like:

SELECT food_item,quantity
FROM catering.food_supplies

21. Work Orders for an Engineering Firm

Engineering firms require up-to-date data on their work orders. They might find this query helpful:

SELECT work_order_id,client_name,project_status
FROM engineering.work_orders

22. Visitor Logs for a Museum

A museum may need to monitor its visitor logs. They could use a query like:

SELECT visitor_id,visitor_date,visitor_count
FROM museum.visitor_log
sWHERE DATE(visitor_date) = CURRENT_DATE

23. Session Logs for a Web Analytics Company

Web Analytics companies need to track session logs. They could use a query like:

SELECT session_id,user_id,session_duration
FROM web_analytics.session_logs

24. Renewable Energy Production for an Energy Company

Keeping track of renewable energy production is pivotal for energy companies. They could use this query:

SELECT production_date,wind_energy_prod,solar_energy_prod
FROM energy_data.daily_production
WHERE DATE(production_date) = CURRENT_DATE

25. Studying Traffic Patterns for a City Transportation Department

Monitoring traffic data is essential for city management. Following query can be utilized:

SELECT traffic_date,location,vehicle_count
FROM city_data.traffic_patterns

26. Livestock Inventory for a Farming Enterprise

Regular tracking of livestock headcount helps in farm management. Here's a query:

SELECT animal_type,headcount
FROM farm_data.livestock_inventory

27. Ad Impressions and Clicks for a Digital Marketing Firm

Monitoring ad performance is crucial for digital marketing agencies. The SQL query can look like this:

SELECT ad_id,impressions,clicks
FROM ad_data.performance
WHERE DATE(campaign_date) = CURRENT_DATE

28. Project Deadlines for a Construction Company

Keeping track of project deadlines is essential for efficient management. Here's an example query:

SELECT project_id,project_deadline
FROM construction_data.projects
WHERE DATE(project_deadline) = CURRENT_DATE

29. Temperature and Precipitation Data for a Meteorological Institute

Weather monitoring agencies need to maintain climate data records. Following query might work:

SELECT reading_date,location,temperature,precipitation
FROM weather_data.daily_readings

30. Commute Details for a Ride-Sharing Company

Data about journeys undertaken is crucial for ride sharing companies. Here's an example query:

SELECT ride_id,pick_up_time,drop_off_time,fare
FROM ride_data.ride_details

31. Compliance Details for a Compliance Audit Firm

Compliance data is necessary for audit enterprises. The following query can guide:

SELECT client,audit_date,compliance_status
FROM audit_data.compliance_records

32. Shopping Cart Data for an E-commerce Site

Keeping track of shopping cart status can provide valuable insights. The suggested SQL query is:

SELECT user_id,product_id,add_to_cart_time
FROM ecommerce_data.shopping_cart
WHERE DATE(add_to_cart_time) = CURRENT_DATE

33. Fuel Consumption for a Logistics Company

Monitoring fuel consumption is a key aspect for logistics firms. Here's the database query:

SELECT vehicle_id,fuel_type,consumption
FROM logistics_data.fuel_usage

34. Book Checkouts for a Library

Regular update of checkout records is critical for a library management system. Here's a query:

SELECT book_id,borrower_id,checkout_date
FROM library_data.checkouts
WHERE DATE(checkout_date) = CURRENT_DATE

35. Drug Trials for a Pharmaceutical Company

Pharmaceutical companies often track drug trials. Following query can be helpful:

SELECT trial_id,drug_name,trial_outcome
FROM pharma_data.drug_trials

36. Utility Usage for an Apartment Complex

Monitoring utility consumption is crucial for running an apartment complex. For example:

SELECT apartment_no,electricity_usage,water_usage
FROM utilities_data.consumption

37. Donation Records for a Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations need real-time donation insights. Here’s an example query:

SELECT donor_id,donation_amount,donation_date
FROM nonprofit_data.donations
WHERE DATE(donation_date) = CURRENT_DATE

38. Work Hours for an HR Company

Keeping track of employee work hours is an HR requirement. Here's a query:

SELECT employee_id,work_hours
FROM hr_data.work_hours

39. Electricity Production for a Power Plant

Monitoring electricity production is a day-to-day activity for power plants. Here’s an example query:

SELECT production_date,electricity_produced
FROM powerplant_data.daily_production
WHERE DATE(production_date) = CURRENT_DATE

40. Refund Requests for an Online Shopping Company

Monitoring refund requests is necessary for customer satisfaction. Here’s an example query:

SELECT request_id,customer_id,request_date
FROM shopping_data.refund_requests

41. Shipment Status for a Logistics Company

Keeping an eye on shipment status is necessary for logistics companies. Here’s a query that can help:

SELECT shipment_id,shipment_status,last_updated
FROM logistics_data.shipments

42. Production Output for a Manufacturing Plant

A manufacturing plant may need to monitor its production output. They could use this query:

SELECT product_id,production_output,production_date
FROM manufacturing_data.production_output
WHERE DATE(production_date) = CURRENT_DATE

43. Course Enrollments for an Online Education Platform
An online education platform needs to keep track of course enrollments and they might find this SQL query useful:

SELECT course_id,enrollment_date,learner_id\
FROM education_data.course_enrollment
WHERE DATE(enrollment_date) = CURRENT_DATE

44. Web Analytics for Digital Marketing Agency

Monitoring website traffic data is crucial for a digital marketing agency to make data-driven decisions. The query could look something like this:

SELECT visit_date, page_views, unique_views, bounce_rate
FROM marketing_data.website_traffic

45. Employee Performance for HR Department

It is necessary for the HR department to have real-time data on employee performance to ensure a productive work environment.

SELECT employee_id, performance_rating, productivity_score
FROM hr_data.employee_performance
WHERE quarter = current_quarter;

46. Social Media Metrics for PR department

The PR department tracks social media engagements regularly for reporting and strategic decision-making.

SELECT post_date, likes, comments, shares
FROM pr_data.social_media_metrics

47. Supply Chain Data for Manufacturing Companies

Monitoring supply chain data is vital for optimal efficiency. The SQL query can look like this:

SELECT supply_chain_id, product_id, quantity, arrival_date
FROM manufacturing_data.supply_chain
WHERE DATE(arrival_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

48. Client Interaction Data for a Consulting Firm

A consulting firm might need real-time access to client interaction data.

SELECT client_id, interaction_date, interaction_type, interaction_result
FROM consulting_data.client_interactions
WHERE DATE(interaction_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

49. Delivery Data for a Food Delivery Company

A food delivery company might want to track delivery records on a daily basis.

SELECT delivery_id, order_time, delivery_time, customer_satisfaction_score
FROM food_delivery.deliveries
WHERE DATE(delivery_time) = CURRENT_DATE;

50. Currency Exchange Rate for a real estate Company

A forex trading company needs real-time exchange rate data.

SELECT date, currency_pair, exchange_rate
FROM forex_data.exchange_rates

51. Waste Management Data for a Municipality

A city's municipality might want to monitor waste management data regularly.

SELECT collection_date, waste_type, quantity_collected
FROM municipality_data.waste_collection
WHERE DATE(collection_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

52. Session Data for a Fitness App

Monitoring the workout session data of users is crucial for a Fitness App.

SELECT user_id, session_date, calories_burned
FROM fitness_app.session_logs
WHERE DATE(session_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

53. Power Usage Data for an Energy Provider

An energy provider needs real-time power usage data.

SELECT meter_id, timestamp, power_usage
FROM energy_meter.readings

54. Rental Data for Real Estate Agency

A real estate agency may need to monitor rental data.

SELECT property_id, rental_date, tenant_id, rent_amount
FROM real_estate_data.rentals

55. Sales Data for an Auto-dealership
Sales data is important for an auto-dealership.

SELECT car_model, sales_date, units_sold, total_revenue
FROM auto_dealer.sales

56. Student Performance for an Online Tutoring Platform

An online tutoring platform can use the following query to evaluate student performance.

SELECT student_id, exam_date, score
FROM tutoring_data.exam_scores

57. Visitor Data for Zoo or Park

Visitor data is crucial for managing a zoo or park.

SELECT entrance_date, number_of_visitors
FROM park_data.visitor_logs
WHERE DATE(entrance_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

58. Transaction Data for an Investment Firm

Transaction data is pivotal for investment firms.

SELECT transaction_id, transaction_date, amount
FROM investment_data.transactions
WHERE DATE(transaction_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

59. Test Results for a Lab / Diagnostics Centre

A diagnostics center would need to keep track of test results data.

SELECT patient_id, test_date, test_result
FROM lab_data.test_results

60. Reservation Data for a Restaurant

For a restaurant, it’s necessary to maintain reservation data.

SELECT reservation_id, customer_id, reservation_date
FROM restaurant_data.reservations
WHERE DATE(reservation_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

61. Climate Data for an Environmental Organization

An environmental organization might need to keep track of climate data.

SELECT recorded_date, average_temp, rainfall_mm
FROM climate_data.records
WHERE DATE(recorded_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

62. Publication Data for a Publishing House
For a publishing house, it's crucial to have access to publication data.

SELECT title_id, publish_date, copies_sold
FROM publisher_data.books
WHERE DATE(publish_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

63. Product Reviews for an Online Marketplace

Keeping track of product reviews can provide valuable insights for an online marketplace.

SELECT product_id, review_date, rating, review_text
FROM marketplace.reviews

64. Checkout Data for a Supermarket Chain

A supermarket chain might need real-time checkout data for day-to-day operations.

SELECT checkout_id, cashier_id, total_amount, checkout_time
FROM supermarket_data.checkouts
WHERE DATE(checkout_time) = CURRENT_DATE;

65. Campaign Data for a Political Organization

A political organization requires real-time campaign data for its strategic decisions.

SELECT campaign_id, campaign_date, volunteers_involved, funds_raised
FROM politics_data.campaigns
WHERE DATE(campaign_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

66. Attendance Data for a Conference Organizer

A conference organizer might need daily summaries of event attendance.

SELECT event_day, total_attendees, paid_tickets, free_tickets
FROM conference_data.attendance

67. Usage Data for a Software Company

A software company might require real-time insights into product usage.

SELECT user_id, usage_date, features_used, session_duration
FROM software_data.usage_logs

68. Subscriber Data for a News/Media Outlet

Subscriber data is crucial for a news outlet or media company to target its content better.

SELECT subscriber_id, subscribe_date, subscription_plan
FROM media_data.subscribers
WHERE DATE(subscribe_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

69. Pollution Data for an Environmental Agency

An environmental agency likely needs to monitor pollution data constantly.

SELECT measured_date, location, pm2_5, pm10, no2
FROM environmental_data.air_quality
WHERE DATE(measured_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

70. Job Applications for a Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency needs to keep track of job applications to function effectively.

SELECT applicant_id, job_id, application_submit_date
FROM recruitment_data.applications
WHERE DATE(application_submit_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

71. Reservation Data for an Airline Company

For an airline company, it’s necessary to maintain up-to-date reservation data.

SELECT flight_id, reservation_date, customer_id, reservation_status
FROM airline_data.reservations
WHERE DATE(reservation_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

72. Transaction Data for a Fintech Company

Transaction data is important for a fintech company to monitor its operations and detect possible fraudulent activity.

SELECT transaction_id, transaction_date, user_id, transaction_amount, transaction_type
FROM fintech_data.transactions
WHERE DATE(transaction_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

73. Donor Data for a Blood Bank

For a blood bank, it’s necessary to have real-time updated data of blood donations.

73. Asset Management for a Financial Institution

A financial institution needs real-time access to data on the management of the assets they handle.

74. Disaster Data for Emergency Services

Emergency services need to maintain real-time records of disaster data.

SELECT disaster_id, disaster_date, disaster_type, severity
FROM emergency_data.disasters
WHERE DATE(disaster_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

75. Cargo Details for a Shipping Company

A shipping company may need to monitor cargo records regularly.

SELECT cargo_id, ship_date, destination_port, cargo_type
FROM shipping_data.cargo_details

76. Download Data for an App Developer

An app developer likely needs to keep track of download data to determine app popularity.

SELECT app_id, download_date, download_count
FROM appdevelopers_data.downloads
WHERE DATE(download_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

77. Visitor Data for a Museum

Visitor data is crucial for managing a museum.

SELECT entrance_date, number_of_visitors
FROM museum_data.visitor_logs
WHERE DATE(entrance_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

78. Reading Levels for a School

A school needs access to reading level data to tailor student instruction.

SELECT student_id, test_date, reading_level
FROM school_data.reading_tests

79. Patient Check-Ins for a Healthcare Provider

A healthcare provider requires real-time patient check-in data for efficient resource planning.

SELECT patient_id, checkin_date, doctor_id
FROM healthcare_data.checkins
WHERE DATE(checkin_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

80. Pest Observations for an Agricultural Agency

An agricultural agency may need to monitor pest observations for better crop management.

SELECT observation_date, location, pest_type, severity
FROM agricultural_data.pest_observations
WHERE DATE(observation_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

81. Maintenance records for facility management

Monitoring up-to-date maintenance records is key for facilities management. Here's an example query:

SELECT maintenance_id, facility_id, date_of_service, issue_reported
FROM facilities_management.maintenance_history
WHERE DATE(date_of_service) = CURRENT_DATE;

82. Learning Progress for an E-Learning Platform

A digital learning platform needs real-time access to learning progress data to optimize their offerings:

SELECT learner_id, course_id, progress_percentage, last_login
FROM e_learning.data

83. Guest Records for a Hospitality Business

A hotel needs instant access to guest records to ensure excellent service:

SELECT guest_id, check_in_date, check_out_date, room_number
FROM hotel_data.guest_records
WHERE DATE(check_in_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

84. Client Communications for a Law Firm

A law firm can use this query to monitor client communications.

SELECT client_id, communication_channel, communication_date
FROM legal_firm.client_communications
WHERE DATE(communication_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

85. Quality Checks for a Production Line

Quality control data is crucial in a production industry setting. This query can be used:

SELECT production_charge_id, quality_check_result, check_date
FROM production_data.quality_checks

86. Disease Tracking for a Health Agency

Health agencies require real-time data on disease tracking. They could use a query like this:

SELECT disease_name, report_date, number_of_cases
FROM health_agency.disease_reports

87. Incident Reports for a Security Agency

A security agency needs constant access to incident report data:

SELECT incident_id, incident_date, incident_type
 FROM security_data.incident_reports
 WHERE DATE(incident_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

88. Order Status for a Food Delivery Service

Keeping track of order statuses can enhance the operations for food delivery services.

SELECT order_id, delivery_status, delivery_eta
FROM food_delivery_status.orders

89. Energy Consumption for a Utility Company

For a utility company, it can be beneficial to monitor consumption data.

SELECT meter_id, consumption_date, energy_consumed
FROM utilities_data.consumption
WHERE DATE(consumption_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

90. Track plays for a Music Streaming Service

A music streaming service could use this query to monitor its track plays.

SELECT track_id, stream_date, listener_id
FROM music_streaming.track_plays

91. Rescue Operations for a Lifeguard Service

A lifeguard service needs real-time data on its rescue operations.

SELECT operation_id, date_of_operation, operation_outcome\
FROM lifeguard_data.operations
WHERE DATE(date_of_operation) = CURRENT_DATE;

92. Customer Demographics for a Retail Business

A retail business might find customer demographics data useful for targeted marketing.

SELECT customer_id, age_group, geographic_location, preferred_product_type
FROM retail_data.customer_profiles;

93. Research Data for a University

A university needs access to research data for administrative purposes.

SELECT project_id, research_title, research_date, research_outcome
FROM university_data.research_projects
WHERE    DATE(research_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

94. Repair Data for a Car Service Center

A car service center needs timely access to repair data to manage its operations.

SELECT repair_id, vehicle_id, repair_date, repair_costs
FROM service_center.repair_data

95. Rescue Missions for a Wildlife Conservation Organization

A wildlife conservation organization may need to monitor rescue mission data to ensure its efforts are fruitful.

SELECT mission_id, rescue_date, animal_species
FROM wildlife_rescue.mission_data

96. Weather Data for a Meteorological Organization

A meteorological organization tracks weather data for forecasting and research.

SELECT station_id, observation_date, temperature, precipitation
FROM meteorology_data.observations
WHERE DATE(observation_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

97. Vaccine Doses for a Health Center

A health center may need to keep track of administered vaccine doses.

SELECT patient_id, vaccine_type, dose_number, administration_date
FROM health_center.vaccinations
WHERE DATE(administration_date) = CURRENT_DATE;

98. Student Accommodation Details for a University

Universities often require real-time access to student accommodation details for various administrative purposes. Here's an example of a potential query:

SELECT student_id, hall_of_residence, room_number, term_period
FROM university_housing.hall_assignments
WHERE term_period = CURRENT_TERM;

99. Customer Queries for a Customer Service Department

A Customer Service Department needs regular updates on customer queries to track and resolve issues promptly. This data could be accessed with the following query:

SELECT query_id, customer_id, query_timestamp, query_status
FROM customer_service.query_logs
WHERE DATE(query_timestamp) = CURRENT_DATE;

100. Visitor Traffic for a National Park

For efficient management and planning, a national park might want to monitor visitor data on a regular basis. Their query could look something like this:

SELECT visit_date, visit_count, peak_timing
FROM national_park.visitor_logs

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