How to upgrade your Castodia account for more auto-refreshes

Upgrading your Plan

As you schedule more queries for auto-refresh, your auto-refresh usage will increase and you may need to upgrade your plan. On our Pricing website, you will only see our Starter, Basic, and Pro plans. However, if you exceed your limits with the Pro plan, you can still purchase plans with higher limits from the Billing Portal within the add-on.

From the Billing Portal, you can upgrade to Pro Plans with 10k, 20k, 40k, or more auto-refreshes. If you need more auto-refreshes than the plans we have available, please contact us and we can build a custom plan for you.

To access the Billing Portal and Upgrade your plan, open your Google Sheets from the account you need to upgrade. Go to Add-ons > Castodia Database Connector and click on 'Settings'

Castodia Settings

In Settings, click on the 'Account' tab.

Castodia Account info

Ensure that your pop-up blocker is disabled. Click on the pink 'Upgrade' link under the 'Auto-refresh Usage' section. This should automatically open up the Billing Portal.

Billing portal

Click on 'Update plan' to see available update options. Here you will see a list of plans that you can upgrade to, with their prices and auto-refresh limits. You can also switch between Monthly and Annual plans. Note: We have a 20% discount for customer who upgrade to the annual plans. If you have a good estimate of your monthly limits, an annual plan is a great way to save some money.


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