How to run complex SQL queries that take a long time? [Deprecated]

Running long SQL queries offline

[Update: December 2020] This feature has changed. All queries can automatically handle long and complex queries without the need to specifically check the box as indicated in this help article/video.

Our Offline Query Run feature allows you to run long and complex queries that take longer than 30 seconds to load. Particular queries can take a longer time to load, due to the following:

  • The database is slow or too far form us
  • The query is complex
  • The amount of data pulled form the database is large

To use this feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Paste your query and click the checkbox below indicating that "the **query will take more than 30 seconds".
  2. Share the sheet with the Castodia email, provided when you click "Show instructions." Make sure to select the "can edit" option when sharing with us.
  3. When you're ready to share, click the "Run" button to activate the query. Once the query finishes running, we'll load it in your Sheet for you.


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