How to enable auto-refresh on your Google Sheets?

Allowing Castodia access to your Google Sheet

If you've scheduled your sheets and notice that your data is not updating regularly, it is likely that you haven't shared your Google Sheet with our Castodia email. This step needs to be completed for both scheduled auto-refreshes and for long and complex query functions.

How to enable auto-refresh:

  1. In the Toolbar, click "Add-Ons," hover over the "Castodia Database Connector" and click "Settings"
  2. Within the database tab, the Castodia email is provided in "Note 2"
  3. Click the copy icon, go to share, paste the email, and make sure to turn on the "can edit" option

And you're done!

Please note that if you plan to use either of these features in another spreadsheet, make sure to re-share the sheet with our email.


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