I installed the Castodia add-on but I don't see anything in the Castodia Database Connector menu? Did I do something wrong?

No, you didn't. There's a Google bug that prevents the menu buttons from automatically loading after you've installed the add-on for the first time. To get your menu buttons, hard reload your page from the browser address bar. Please note that a Cmd+R or Ctrl+R will not work.

Sometimes queries don't load

We have a 30 second limit on queries and if the query goes over the limit, sometimes the query will not return any data. There are a variety of reasons why queries can take more than 30 seconds: the database is slow or too far from us, the query is complex, or the amount of data pulled from the database is large. If you are experiencing problems like this, visit our help page on how to load long queries or email us at support@castodia.com and we can help figure this out. If this turns out to be the problem, you might have to move to our enterprise plan which has higher query limits.

What happens after my trial expires?

Once your trial expires, your user account will become inactive. This means all your auto-refresh queries will stop executing and you will no longer be able to query data into Google Sheets. Your queries and reports will still be saved. To reactivate your account, simply upgrade to a paid plan.


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