New features: Scheduled Refresh, Dynamic Query Input, and More

Connect Google Sheets to PostgresQL, now with Scheduled Refresh

Castodia lets you pull data from your PostgreSQL database directly into Google Sheets. In this new version, we’ve added new features that will make data analysis even easier. Direct SQL querying, scheduled refresh down to every 5 minutes, saving queries, dynamic query input, append/overwrite options.

1. Scheduled Data Refresh: automatically query your database on a custom schedule, every 5 minutes

You can schedule queries to update any day or time and down to every 5 minutes. This is perfect for daily or weekly sales report updates.

2. Dynamic Query Input: use auto-generated input fields to modify SQL queries on the fly

Auto-generated input fields let you modify queries with parameters that change often. Create an input field for UI-based query modification by adding *${YOURVARIABLE}*

Modify queries through UI input fields

3. Offline Query Run: let complex queries run offline

Sometimes queries take a long time to load. Our Offline Query Run feature lets you run long/complex queries that take longer than 30 seconds. You can now fearlessly run large queries. Simply, paste your query, enable this feature by checking on "This query takes more than 30 secs". You can get back to work and once the query finishes running, we'll load it in your Sheet for you.

Run long/complex queries that take more than 30 secs

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