Introducing Advanced Scheduling with 1 Minute Auto-Refresh for Google Sheets

Schedule data auto-refreshes from your database to Google Sheets with 1-minute frequency, any time of the day, month, or year.

Today, we're launching Advanced Scheduling for our Castodia Database Connector for Google Sheets. This feature significantly improves scheduling flexibility for our users, allowing them to create nearly any kind of auto-refresh schedule. Some of the new scheduling use cases enabled with this launch are monthly, quarterly, and year-end reports that refresh at specific times of the day.

With this new update, we are also pushing the limits on auto-refresh frequency - customers can now auto-refresh their Google Sheets every 1 minute. This is particularly useful for customers with high volume databases that update with new data very often. Customers who optimize ad-spend down to the minute level can now pull their data into Google Sheets for more timely analysis.

This update, combined with our UI redesign, makes Castodia the most user-friendly, advanced, and powerful auto-refresh scheduler for Google Sheets - with all the features accessible within the add-on (there's no need to access different interfaces for saving queries/reports and scheduling).

Castodia advanced scheduler with 1 minute auto-refresh

Customers can set queries and target sheets to auto-refresh data on. Schedules can repeat every minute, of every day, as shown in the screenshot below. They can also specify the time range at which the auto-refreshes will run at and how the data will be auto-refreshed on Google Sheets (Append and Overwrite).

Castodia Google Sheets add-on daily auto-refresh
Daily auto-refresh with 1 minute frequency

Weekly auto-refreshes allows customers to select the days of the week to auto-refresh their Sheets. It could be for example weekdays only or weekends only. Like with daily schedules, customers can specify the time range and frequency to run auto-refreshes.

Castodia Google Sheets add-on weekly auto-refresh
Weekly auto-refresh with 1 minute frequency

Alternatively, users can select specific days of the month, for example every 1st of the each month to run auto refreshes. This is particularly useful for analysts building monthly reports.

Castodia Google Sheets add-on monthly auto-refresh
Monthly auto-refresh with 1 minute frequency

Advanced Scheduling now makes possible to run auto-refreshes for quarterly or yearly reports that are particularly useful for marketing and finance teams. The example below shows how to build a schedule that updates yearly on various months of the year and on various days of those months, with a 1 minute auto-refresh frequency.

Castodia Google Sheets add-on yearly auto-refresh
Yearly auto-refresh on various months of the year and 1 minute refresh frequency

For tutorial and information about how to enable auto-refresh or schedule your first query, check out the following help pages:

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