How to Manage Field Service Operations with Google Sheets


The field service landscape is changing as quickly as the emerging technologies that power it. Thanks to the world of stream services and same-day deliveries, organizations are now facing unprecedented customer expectations for speed and quality of service. Metrics such as first-time fix rate, employee utilization and travel time for on-field operatives need to be constantly maintained in order to measure and grow operational efficiency. With organizations facing these challenges, it is critical that the investment of a proper field service management system is established within the workplace.

What Is Field Service Management?

Field service management (FSM) is a system that is designed to manage the various components of an organization's field resources. These operations typically include work order management, field technician scheduling and dispatching, vehicle tracking, customer invoicing, and more.

Field Service Management

FSM Across Industries

Field service management is used within several industries to manage their resources. For engineering, mining, industrial and manufacturing, technicians and contractors are dispatched to a particular task. For property maintenance, technicians with the relevant experience and equipment are assigned to tasks related to landscaping, irrigation, home and office cleaning and more. Other industries include:

  • Telecommunications and cable industry - For technicians who install cable or run phone lines into homes, residences, or business establishments.
  • Healthcare - For mobile nurses who provide in-home care for elderly or disabled patients.
  • Gas utilities - For engineers who are dispatched to investigate, repair and monitor suspected leaks.
  • HVAC industry - For technicians who investigate units in residential, commercial and industrial environments regarding heating, ventilation, and air conditioning-related issues.
  • Package shipping enterprises - For truck drivers and operation personnel who aim to reduce money spent on fuel and enhance driver productivity through shipping operations.

FSM Best Practices

Field service management is a complex practice that must meet certain KPIs to succeed. These metrics help provide excellent field service, which is critical to improving customer satisfaction. Learn how to modernize field service by delivering the following best practices:

Providing easy-to-use tools for technicians

Empowering your workforce with technology that allows them to excel on the job is essential. Consider providing your field service technicians with easy-to-use, mobile tools that remove the barrier of challenging onboarding issues. The mobility will also allow technicians to work efficiently when offline through real-time collaboration and communication.

Integrating FSM into the entire workplace

By integrating your FSM software with customer service and the rest of the organization's existing systems, you can make your technicians' workflows even more streamlined and identify the root cause of customer issues more quickly.

Proactively managing issues and conflicts

Planning a more proactive approach to field service management through identifying and documenting operational gaps, efficiencies, and bottlenecks helps field service organizations stay ahead in their respective industries. Organizations that stay in front of these problems enhance their customer service by constantly improving their interactions with each additional customer.

Optimizing skillsets and resources

Assigning work tasks to technicians based on qualification, experience, proximity, available, and specific skills required helps ensure the best customer experience. In particular, this optimization of human resources helps increase first-time fix-rates, an important metric for field service providers.

How to use Castodia and Google Sheets to manage field service contractors

Castodia provides a simple spreadsheet view solution with its G Suite Database Connector, helping users manage their field operation tasks through Google Sheets. Users can directly pull data from their database onto Google Sheets, automate a custom schedule for job reporting, assign and modify tasks, and share the sheet with contractors. This alternative to established field service management tools creates an easier onboarding experience for contractors, with its familiar spreadsheet interface and functions.

Advantages of using Castodia include:

  1. Easy for field technicians and contractors to use
  2. Cost and time-efficient way to enable operational workflows without making a huge investment
  3. Simple sharing and collaboration capabilities
  4. Allows users to edit fields in real-time when assigned a task

Use Cases

Industry #1: Rental Property Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

Rental property maintenance enterprises often need to streamline their field service processes. In particular, it is critical to have a mobile and centralized system that allows these organizations to communicate with their service field workers and schedule work tasks accordingly. They need to avoid creating a challenging onboarding experience for their field technicians, and look for a simple user interface to effectively assign respective tasks as a result.


With Castodia, managers can take advantage of the familiar Google Sheets interface to assign and dispatch technicians to certain work order tasks. To implement this, simply access the Castodia Database Connector extension in the toolbar and pull data from the company database to populate the Google sheet. Technicians can easily access the file across devices, directly edit fields and utilize the platform free of charge.

Rental property maintenance management

Industry #2: E-Commerce

Dynamic Scheduling

E-commerce stores often look to automate the inflow of their company's customer orders on a timely basis. This task is critical in creating efficiencies for shipping purposes and enhancing customer satisfaction rates. However, all of the customer orders are typically manually inputted into the database from their systems, reducing their operational efficiency. They need a solution that can provide them with hourly automatic updates.


Castodia allows users to also auto-refresh data on a custom schedule, with a monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and 1-minute frequency. To automate the flow of incoming customer orders, simply schedule the query to repeat every day, running every hour at the desired time range. This will ensure that customer orders are appended onto the Google Sheet in a timely manner.

Ecommerce order tracking

Industry #3: Engineering & Construction

Time & Expense Tracking

Construction service enterprises often look to provide performance and accountability insights to customers. Customers routinely want to know the job status, productiveness of technicians and how effective the jobs were completed. To measure these metrics, the construction firm needs to pull data from their database to determine how and where technicians spend their time on a daily basis.


Using Castodia's Database Connector, construction firms can pull data from their database onto Google Sheets and schedule queries to analyze deeper insights. For example, data can be populated onto the spreadsheet twice a week, on Monday and Friday at 6:00 am.

Expense and time tracking

From there, customers can receive a real-time visualization of how their technician spends their time as the information is updated every week. This pie chart indicates the productivity spread between the technician's various tasks, including breaks.

Tracking log


And there you have it! A deep dive into field service management and its importance in today's business landscape. Customers are increasingly seeking companies that offer superior customer service, and managers are increasingly expecting software systems to help them meet these needs. Leveraging the proper field service management software can make all the difference, helping organizations meet business objectives, increase the efficiency and productivity of field personnel, and improve customer satisfaction.

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