Dropbase - Turn CSV Files into Live Databases in Seconds.

Upload CSV files into PostgreSQL. Instantly get database credentials.

Dropbase - Turn CSV files into live databases

What is Dropbase?

Dropbase lets you upload datasets into production databases and quickly get credentials that can be used to query the database using a SQL editor.

We initially built Dropbase for our internal use. We were building database integrations for one of our products and had to manually do this process multiple times to create live databases and seed them with relevant data. Dropbase is useful if you're building a web application and need a quick way to add some of your own data for testing on a deployed database. It's also useful if you have a CSV file that you want to query through SQL instead of spreadsheet filters.

How to use Dropbase?

1. Drag and drop CSV files or upload them from your file browser

Drag and drop CSV file

2. Wait for file to upload and process. Database credentials are created and returned automatically

Get database credentials

3. Easily copy and paste all database credentials or enter your email to receive a copy of your credentials.

Copy credentials and query database


How to use Dropbase?

  1. Drag and drop CSV files that you'd like to upload into a live database or select files from your computer
  2. Wait for file to upload to Dropbase
  3. Receive database credentials
  4. Give it a try: Use any SQL editor to query your data

What database does Dropbase upload my data to?


Why is my CSV file not uploading?

The current version of Dropbase only supports CSV files structured with header columns. We do some data type inferencing for dates, numbers and strings, but we are not able to restructure CSV files.

Make sure you reformat your CSV file to have headers for each column in the first line. Dropbase won't be able to upload files without column headers.

For best results, use the following best practices for your CSV files:

  • The line of your CSV file must be a header with the list of the column names
  • Column names must be alphanumeric (a-z, and 0-9) but cannot start with a number. No special characters are allowed, except for underscore (_)
  • Separate each data field (column) with a comma (,) delimiter
  • Keep each record (row) on a separate line
  • Number of columns must be consistent throughout the document

Can I upload sensitive data to Dropbase?

Please don't upload any data that is sensitive or that contains private information.

I didn't receive my database credentials by email.

Check your spam folder for an email from this address: jimmy@email.castodia.com. We might send future updates from that email as well. Please mark our email as not spam.

Do you keep my data?

We'll keep your data temporarily and delete it afterwards. We'll host data in our database for a week and purge all database tables on a weekly basis. If you'd like us to host your data for a month, enter your email in the email address field after you've uploaded your data. If you want us to host your data for longer, please contact us at dropbase@castodia.com.

Do you look at my data?

No. We won't look at it, use it, or save it beyond the specified time above, unless you request it. We run some automated processing on the data to make sure it can be properly uploaded into the database.

Can I retrieve credentials for a dataset I uploaded previously?

Only if you copy the credentials as soon as you get them, or if enter your email in which case we'll email you your credentials. Otherwise, if you close the page before copying or entering your email, you would have to start over again.

Is Dropbase really free to use?

Yes, although features are limited at the moment. We may build additional features and charge for them in the future. For example multiple database tables with the same username and password. Let us know if you'd like other features.

Can somebody else query data I uploaded?

Not unless you share database credentials with them. We generate new usernames and password each time you upload a new file.

Can I rename my table name?

Not at the moment.

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

Maximum CSV file size is 150MB.

Can I extend hosting for my database beyond 1 month?

Yes. Tell us your use case. Reach out to us at dropbase@castodia.com

Feature requests or feedback

If you like Dropbase but need additional features to make it more useful for your use case or if you would like to provide us with some feedback, please let us know. Either fill up our survey or email us at dropbase@castodia.com. We'd love to hear from you.

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