Castodia Database Connector now available in 7 databases and data warehouses

Connect Google Sheets to 7 databases and data warehouses and automate your reports.

Castodia Database Connector for Google Sheets now connects to databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server and data warehouses such as Snowflake and Redshift. All connectors are available from a single install of the Castodia Database Connector.

Connect Google Sheets to 7 different databases and data warehouses
New databases and data warehouse connectors for Google Sheets

Castodia Database Connector now lets you connect to more databases. In our original launch we only had PostgreSQL available. With this new release, we are announcing 6 new connectors for databases and data warehouses and have added many more on our roadmap. To request specific connections, please contact us.

With this new release, customers will not only be able to add new databases types, but also save multiple database connections and easily switch between them. This is particularly useful for customers who have data living in different databases instances, even if they are of the same type. Once databases are saved, customers can easily change the default database to query from.

Multiple database connections Castodia

Database credential fields will update depending on the database type. For connections to Snowflake data warehouses, customers will see additional fields such as Schema, Warehouse, and Role. Customers can also edit database credentials, add new or delete database connections. All databases set up and management can be done from within the Castodia Database Connector add-on and without leaving the Google Sheets interface.

Save multiple databases to query on Google Sheets
Adding new databases

With the ability to add more than 1 database, customers will need an easy way to select the database they want to query from. This new release adds a drop down database list that lets customers easily switch between any of their saved databases to query from in the "Query" tab.

Query from different databases and easily switch between them
Switch between databases to run queries

Advanced Scheduling works for all databases and data warehouses. Customers will be able to auto-refresh data with down to 1 minute frequency on any custom schedule in the same way as they did before.

Advanced scheduling for all new Castodia
Advanced Scheduling on Snowflake data warehouse

For help setting up your databases, check out our Help pages.

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